Classes to enlighten the mind.


I believe that writing and reading are two powerful tools bestowed upon humans from the heavens to ensure we keep our minds entertained and our public libraries fully funded through late fees.

Since 2016, I've offered and taught in-person and online writing classes through the High Peaks Literary Center located in downtown Boston. Writing workshops vary between genres—fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting—and range from one-day classes to eight-week courses that meet in the evenings once per week.


Let's Get Personal: The Art of Memoir and Essay Writing

8 weeks | Thursdays from 6-9 PM (EST)

Open to all levels of writers, this workshop explores the ins and outs of writing memoirs and essays. We'll study memoirists such as Patricia Hampl, Emily Gould, Tobias Wolff, and you'll learn the differences between memoirs, biographies, and essays, and work on in-class writing exercises.


Lorena is an absolutely amazing teacher—her methods of exploring character development helped me revamp a screenplay that's been on the backburner!



Screenwriting 101

1 day | February 28, 8 AM-2 PM (EST)

Learn the essentials about what it takes to write an amazing script. From compelling characters and believable dialogue, to proper Hollywood formatting standards and how to write a successful logline, this one-day class invites students to explore an introductory overview of screenwriting.


Unraveling the Mysteries of Mystery and Suspense

8 weeks | Tuesdays from 6-9 PM (EST)

What does it take to write a killer (pun intended) murder mystery or craft a clever and exciting adventure novel? This course begins with an investigation into the mystery genre itself, includes innovative in-class writing exercises to get your adrenaline pumping, and even pulls out the magnifying glass to study the works of other published mystery novel writers.

In-class workshopping included.